Community planning: Resilient Communities
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Your local authority and Climate Change Partnership (part of the Climate UK network)

Provides advice and support on local climate and weather risks, ways to influence new developments and plans, advice on how to set up a neighbourhood forum for a neighbourhood plan and links to other organisations in the area which can help address local climate and weather risks.

See web page: Climate Change Partnership

Joseph Rowntree Foundation & Climate Just

Provides information on how to identify vulnerable communities, how climate and weather risks can impact vulnerable groups more seriously and help to develop ways of helping vulnerable communities.

See web page: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

See web page: Climate Just
National Flood Forum

Provides advice on preparing for an imminent flood and how to recover from it, advice on how to prepare individual and community flood plans and how to work with wider partners such as local and national Government to prepare communities for flooding and information on products and insurance to promote resilience to flooding.

See web page: National Flood Forum
Your water company

Provides advice on how to save water and provide water saving products and appliances.

See web page to find your local water company
Local housing associations & Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes provides advice on how to make homes resilient to climate and weather risks and set benchmarks for housing associations to work to. Housing associations can make homes more resilient to climate and weather risks as part of wider improvement schemes such as Decent Homes and general maintenance.

See web page: Sustainable Homes
Voluntary organisations support network

Provides support to help people take an active role in their community and connections to a range of voluntary organisations.

See web page: Volunteering Matters
Communities Prepared

Provides advice and support to help communities prepare for flooding and severe cold winter weather.

See web page: Communities Prepared
Planning Aid

Provides advice to people and communities on how to influence the planning process in their area, including individual developments and neighbourhood plans.

See web page: Planning Aid
Community Matters

Provides advice and support for community organisations on how communities can take control of issues in their local area to create sustainable communities.

See web page: Community Matters

Thanks: This resilient communities section was produced in partnership by the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready Support Service.

Last updated on: 16 July 2015