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Publications and Films A-Z

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Publishing for a sustainable future
Last updated on:18 January 2012

20|20 Visions
Collaborative Planning & Placemaking, Charles Campion, RIBA Publishing, 2018, 978-1-85946-736-7
A lively celebration of Charrettes as pioneered in the USA and practiced by John Thompson & Partners with 20 international case studies from around the world illustrating how the process works at different scales and in different circumstances.
Project development, monitoring and evaluation in disaster situations, Merdi Jean Arcilla et al (eds), Citizens Disaster Response Center, 1998, 971-9031-00-X
Handy local guide with useful methods produced in the Philippines.(Centre for Disaster Preparedness.)
A History of Community Asset Ownership
Steve Wyler, Development Trusts Association, 2009
Concise history of community asset ownership in the UK, an idea that has been in existence for hundreds of years.
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A Pattern Language
Christopher Alexander et al., Oxford University Press,, 0-19501-919-9, 1977
Influential book describing working method enabling untrained people to design any part of the environment themselves; homes, streets, neighbourhoods.
A Plain English Guide to the Localism Act
DCLG, 2011, 978 1 4098 3225-6
A 22-page summary of the Act which became law on 15 November 2011.
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A Vision of Britain
A personal view of architecture, HRH The Prince of Wales, Doubleday, 1989, 0-385-26903-X
Inspiring statement of the Prince's influential approach to architecture including Ten Principles for creating humane environments.
ACRE Briefing: Neighbourhood Plans and the Localism Bill
Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE), 2011
Includes useful guide to the stages in the neighbourhood planning process.
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Action for Market Towns Neighbourhood Planning Briefing
Action for Market Towns, 2011
Uses the FAQ format and shows relationship of the new Neighbourhood Plans to the other components of the planning system.
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Action Planning
How to use planning weekends and urban design action teams to improve your environment, Nick Wates, Prince of Wales\'s Institute of Architecture, 1996, 1-898465-11-8
Illustrated how-to-do-it handbook. Also in Chinese, German, Czech.
Available from:
Action Planning for Cities
A guide to community practice, Nabeel Hamdi and Reinhard Goethert, John Wiley & Sons, 1997, 978-0-471-96928-0
Well illustrated textbook on the theory and practice of community planning in developing countries.
After the Planners
Robert Goodman, Pelican Books, 1972, 0 14 02.1568 9
Stimulating and controversial indictment of prevailing planning and architectural practices which provoked the development of alternative ways of doing things. Introduction by John Palmer relates the US based analysis to concerns in the UK.
An Introduction to Charity Status
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Brief overview of what is involved in becoming a charity.  
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An Introduction to Community Association Constitutions
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Brief introduction to constitutions and deals specifically with the constitutions for community associations.
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An Introduction to Community Associations
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
An overview of what a community association is, what it does and how to grow and develop one. Starts with a useful definition of ‘community’.
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An Introduction to Equal Opportunities
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Brief introduction to equal opportunities emphasising the important need for developing policies and practices.
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An Introduction to Finance and Funding
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Brief overview of the issues to consider when dealing with community organisations’ finances and funding. 
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An Introduction to Managing Volunteers
Information Sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Gives a brief overview about motivating and managing volunteers and also looks at committee members as volunteers.
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An Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning
Department of Communities and Local Government, October 2011, 9781409831303
An easy to read official introduction explaining what neighbourhood planning is, why it matters and how it will work. 
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An Introduction to Networking and Partnerships
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Overview of developing networks and working in partnership with others.
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An Introduction to Organisational Development
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2011
Brief introduction to what is meant by a learning organisation, how to develop a learning culture, and how to analyse needs.
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An Introduction to Organisational Structures
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Brief outline of the most common types of legal structure for community organizations.
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An Introduction to Profiling the Community
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Basic introduction to profiling setting out reasons for conducting a profile, what to investigate and how to report the findings.
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An Introduction to Setting up a Community Organisation
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
How to go about setting up a community organisation, including a community association.
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An Introduction to Volunteering
Information sheet, Community Matters, 2010
Takes a general look at volunteering. Includes why people volunteer and how and where to recruit them.
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Architecture and Participation
Peter Blundell Jones, Doina Petrescu and Jeremy Till (eds), Spon Press, 2005, 0-415-31746-0
Collection of essays by practitioners and theorists, divided into three sections: politics, histories and practices. 
Architecture, Participation and Society
Paul Jenkins and Leslie Forsyth (eds), Routledge, 2010, 978-0-415-54724-6
Thorough academic review of participatory architectural practice based on a research project by architecture schools in Scotland.
The Art of Consultation
Public dialogues in a noisy world, Rhion Jones and Elizabeth Gammell, Biteback Publishing Ltd, 2009, 978-1-84954-002-5
Tells the story of the emergence of the consultation culture and unravels some of the misconceptions and myths that have grown up around it. 
At Risk
Natural hazards, peoples vulnerability and disasters, Piers Blaikie, Terry Cannon, Ian Davis and Ben Wisner, Routledge, 1994, 0-415-08477-2
Comprehensive explanation of why a people-first approach is essential and how to initiate it.
Bearing Fruit
Good practice in asset-based rural community development, Jim Boote et al, Development Trusts Association with Carnegie UK Trust, 2008
Looks at several rural and semi-rural development trusts that have successfully developed and managed community assets.
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Being involved in school design
a guide for school communities, local authorities, funders and design and construction teams, Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), CABE, 2004, No ISBN
Useful guide to involving all stakeholders, including children, in the design of schools. Includes 10 UK case studies.
(from CABE)
Benefitting everyone
Commissioning, community organisations and collaboration, bassac, 2010
How community groups can add huge value to public service deliver.
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Better to borrow?
How development trusts use loan finance to achieve community goals, Glenn Arradon (Ed.)., Development Trusts Association with Carnegie UK Trust., 2007
Explores examples where finance has been provided to development trusts by major banks. These banks have been pioneers of community enterprise investments and have built lasting relationships with development trusts.
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Beyond Public Meetings
Connecting Community Engagement with Decision-Making, Vivien Twyford et al, Twyford Consulting, 2007, 0-646-46720-4
Useful mapping of the wider landscape of community engagement by a leading Australian practitioner.
Bonds and Bridges
A DTA practitioners guide to community diversity, Glenn Arradon (Ed.), Development Trusts Association, 2006
Explores how the community enterprise movement engages with diverse communities that it serves.
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Brick by Brick
How to develop a community building, English Partnerships, English Partnerships, 1997
Guide for organisations wanting to build or refurbish property for community use.
Building Democracy
Community architecture in the inner cities, Graham Towers, UCL press, 1995, 1 85728 089 X
Detailed account of the development of community architecture with some UK case studies.
Building Design Pack
Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation., Regularly updated.
Provides the materials for a group to make an adaptable 3-dimensional model of an existing or new building.
Building Futures Game
Developing shared visions for neighbourhoods, RIBA/CABE Building Futures Project, 2008
A participation tool for visioning and exploring different possible futures for a local area. An aid to scenario planning, helping groups play out a range of possible futures, draw out a set of concerns and aspirations and consider the impacts and implications of their choices. Comes in a box with colourful cards, wall charts and instructions.
Building Homes People Want
A guide to tenant involvement in the design and development of housing association homes, Pete Duncan and Bill Halsall, National Housing Federation, 1994, 0-86297-272-8NHF
Useful guide by and for practitioners. Includes case study of a community planning weekend in Hull, UK.
The Carbon Co-op Manual
Moss Side Edition, Matt Fawcett & Helen Woodcock, The Carbon Co-op, 2010
Comprehensive guide to improving household energy efficiency and generating renewable energy, based on experience of community groups in South Manchester. 
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Celebrating Community Involvement
Leading lights, moving spirits and lattice-work networks, Deborah Peel and Nick Bailey, Development Trusts Association, 2003, 0953146952
A study highlighting community involvement and celebrating individuals contributions to the quality of individual and community life in local neighbourhoods.
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The Change Handbook
Group methods for shaping the future, Peggy Holman and Tom Devane, Berrett-Koehler, 1999, 1-57675-058-2
Guide to 18 change strategies for tapping human potential in organisations and communities.
Changing Places
Children's participation in environmental planning, Eileen Adams & Sue Ingham, The Children's Society, 1998, 1-899783-00-8
Practical guide for practitioners and teachers wishing to involve children in planning and design.
The Charrette Handbook
The Essential Guide for Accelerated, Collaborative Community Planning, National Charrette Institute, American Planning Association, 2006, 978-1-932364-21-7
Excellent detailed guide for organisers of design charrettes. English
(American Planning Association or
A community with a vision, Anne Macksoud, Leonardo\\\'s Children Inc., 1993, 25 mins
Inspiring insight into a city-wide visioning process which has clearly achieved extraordinary results.
Childrens participation in sustainable development
The theory and practice of involving young citizens in community development and environmental care, Roger Hart, Earthscan, 1997, 1853833223
Excellent guide to both the theory and practice of childrens participation. Explains how children can be given constructive and important roles in contributing to sustainability. Includes detailed case studies as well as a range of pratical resources.
Citizen Engagement in the Field of Mobility
Work and lessons learned related to citizen engagement, Milena Marega et al, Civitas Elan, 2012

Outcome of a European Union funded programme in which 5 cities - Ljubljana (Slovenia), Gent (Belgium), Zagreb (Croatia), Brno (Czech Republic) and Porto (Portugal) collaborated on a mission “to ‘mobilise’ our citizens by developing with their support clean mobility solutions for vital cities, ensuring health and access for all”. Produced by the Regional Environmental Center, Slovenia.

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The Citizens Handbook
A guide to building community, Charles Dobson, Vancouver Citizens Committee, 2006
Quick guide to community organizing. Good section on meetings.
See web version: Citizens Hanbook
Citizens Jury Handbook
Keiko Veasey, The Jefferson Center, 2004
Official guide from the organisation which originated the process. Comprehensive and detailed. Includes useful sample documents.
(download from
A process of design participation, Stanley King et al, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1989, 0-442-23333-7
Lovely, well illustrated guide to conducting design workshops, based on 197 case studies in the USA.
A contemporary approach to housing ourselves, Kathryn McCamant & Charles Durrett, Habitat Press/Ten Speed Press, 1994, 0-89815-306-9
How to develop housing schemes with a strong shared element as pioneered in Denmark.
Collaborative Planning for All
Charles Campion, JTP, Civic Voice, 2014

Introduction to benefits and methodology of public Charrettes (or community planning events). Published as part of the Civic Voice manifesto Localism for Real which advocates more collaborative planning. 20 pages. Foreword by Griff Rhys Jones. From Civic Voice.

Communities Count!
A step by step guide to community sustainability indicators, Alex MacGillivray, Candy Weston & Catherine Unsworth, New Economics Foundation, 1998, 1-899407-20-0
Handy guide to using indicators to measure trends that really matter and build an agenda for education and action.
Communities Matter
A Vision for Neighbourhoods, Community Matters, 2010
A five step vision to create resilient communities at a time of shrinking resources and stress from demographic changes: a community building in every neighbourhood, more lottery funding for communities, a national network of community enablers, a strong, strategic community voice and a less bureaucratic operating environment 
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Community & Sustainable Development
Participation in the future, Diane Warburton(ed), Earthscan, 1998, 1-85383-531-5
Inspiring collection of writings on the current state of the art.
Community Action Planning
Plan for Action, SIGUS Wall Charts, 1998
Wallchart (22"x 28") providing an overview of the main steps in running a microplanning, or community action planning, field workshop.
(SIGUS Wall Charts, School of Architecture and Planning, Room N52-357A, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. Email: Fax: +1 617 253 8221.)
Community Architecture
How people are creating their own environment, Nick Wates & Charles Knevitt, Penguin, 1987, 0-14-010428-3
Overview of movement for community participation in architecture and planning. Also in Chinese and Japanese.
(From the Shop on
Community Design Primer
Randolph T Hester, Ridge Times Press, 1990, 0934203067
Good introduction to community design USA style with do-it-yourself training exercises for the would-be community designer.
Community Empowerment Discussion Toolkit
Inspire East and New Economics Foundation, 2010
Toolkit to help groups work together to decide on what issues are important in their community. Generates ideas so groups can go on to plan activities and services. Useful for community groups, parish councils and local councillors. 
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Community Engagement Toolkit
Making it happen, English Partnerships, 2008
Thorough and elaborately printed publication, produced by a natiional regeneration agency, aimed at its local authority and private sector partners. 
Homes & Communities Agency
Community heating for planners and developers
A guide to delivering sustainable communities using combined heat and power and renewables, Carbon Trust and Energy Saving Trust, 2004
Government funding publication setting out the case for including community heating in plans for new build and renovation. 
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Community Involvement in Planning and Development Processes
Department of the Environment, HMSO, 1994, 0-11-753007-7
Results of a planning research study which demonstrates the value of community participation.
Community Led Planning Toolkit
Philip Vincent (ed), ACRE, 2012, 978-1-871157-94-9
Step-by-step guidance for communities who want to produce a local plan which can deliver a range of actions with social, economic and environmental benefits.
From Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE)
Community Organisations
A guide to effectiveness, Angela Kail, Sarah Keen and Tris Lumley, New Philanthropy Capital, 2010
Examines what makes community organisations effective, looking at six elements of effectiveness: activities, results, leadership, people and resources, finances and ambition.
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Community Organizers Handbook
NetSquared, 2012
Web based wiki covering all aspects of community organising which is made available as a PDF periodically. 
View at
Community Participation in Practice - A Practical Guide
Wendy Sarkissian, Andrea Cook and Kelvin Walsh, Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, 1997, 0-86905-556-9
Covers a range of useful methods, some pioneered in Australia. Part of excellent series of publications and film designed to assist community planning and design work (see also next five items)null
(Murdoch University)
Community Participation in Practice - Casebook
Wendy Sarkissian and Kelvin Walsh (eds),, Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, 1994, 0-86905-363-9
Describes and illustrates 12 case studies from Australia. Part of excellent series designed to assist community planning and design work.
(Murdoch University)
Community Participation in Practice - Listening to all the voices
Wendy Sarkissian, Andrea Cook and Kelvin Walsh (eds), Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, 28 min
Shows and debates methods in action. Part of excellent series designed to assist community planning and design work.
(Murdock University)
Community Participation in Practice - New Directions
null, Wendy Sarkissian, Angela Hirst and Beauford Stenberg with Steph Walton, Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, 2003, 0-86905-856-8
Review of emerging approaches. Part of excellent series designed to assist community planning and design work.null
(Murdoch University)
Community Participation in Practice - The Community Participation Handbook
Resources for Public Involvement in the Planning Process, Wendy Sarkissian and Donald Perlgut with Elaine Ballard and Kelvin Walsh (eds), Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, 1986, revised 1994, 0-86905-359-0
Practical and theoretical essays by a number of authors. Part of an excellent series of publications and film designed to assist community planning and design work.
(Murdoch University)
Community Participation in Practice - Workshop Checklist
Wendy Sarkissian, Andrea Cook and Kelvin Walsh (eds),, Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, 2000 (second edition), 0-86905-752-9
How-to for workshop organisers. Part of excellent series designed to assist community planning and design work.
(Murdoch University)
Community Participation in School Planning
Case studies of engagement in school facilities, Henry Sanoff, VDM Verlag Dr Muller, 2010, 978-3639252705
Guidance for creating a constructive dialogue between school officials and the surrounding community on a school planning process that contributes to enhancing educational quality.
Community Participation Methods in Design and Planning
Henry Sanoff, John Wiley & Sons, 1999, 978-0-471-35545-3
Detailed, well-illustrated guide for professionals and students. Combines theoretical analysis with practical design games and international case study material for a broad range of applications.
The Community Planning Event Manual
How to use Collaborative Planning and Urban Design events to improve your environment, Nick Wates, Earthscan, 2008, 978-1-84407-492-1
Explains why and how to organize community planning events. With lots of illustrations, sample documents and checklists to help save you time.
Community Planning Handbook
How people can shape their cities, town and villages in any part of the world, Nick Wates, Routledge, 2014 (first edition 2000), 978-1-84407-490-7
Features an accessible how-to-do-it style, best practice information on effective methods, and international scope and relevance. Book on which this website was initially based.
Community Renewable Energy Toolkit
Community Energy Scotland, undated
Guide for community groups on maximising community involvement in, and benefits from, renewable energy.
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Community Share and Bond Issues
The sharpest tool in the box, Chris Hill with Malcolm Lynch and Jason Curtis, Development Trusts Association, 2007
Explains how community organisations can use share and bond issues as a source of funding.
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Community Visions Pack
New Economics Foundation, 1998
Contains how-to on setting up a community visioning exercise, briefings on future search, guided visualisation and participative theatre, and case studies.
Community-led Spaces
A guide for local authorities and community groups, CABE and the Assest Transfer Unit, 2010
Sets out advantages of transferring a variety of public spaces from local authorities to community groups. Range of case studies of successful community public space initiatives.
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Community-Led Village Design Statements in Ireland
Toolkit, Alison Harvey, Heritage Council of Ireland, 2012, 978-1-906304-20-1
Excellent illustrated production customising experience in producing Village Design Statements for an irish context. 
From publications at
Community-led wind power
How to plan, build and own a medium or large wind turbine in your community’s backyard, John Hallé, Sharenergy, 2011
Comprehensive manual. 
Download pdf
The Connected City
A new approach to making cities work, Robert Cowan, Urban Initiatives, 1997, 1-902193-008
Includes checklists for preparing action plans for cities or neighbourhoods.
(Urban Initiatives, 35 Heddon Street, London W1R 7LL, UK. Tel: +44 (0)20 7287 3644.)
Consensus Design
Socially inclusive process, Christopher Day with Rosie Parnell, Architectural Press, 2003, 0 7506 5605 0
Practitioners step by step guide to codesign illustrated by case studies. Foreword by H R H The Prince of Wales.
Consult your community
A guide to using citizens juries, Dr Lyn Carson, Department of Planning, New South Wales, 2003, 0-7347-0414-3
Comprehensive handbook on citizens juries with Australian case studies.
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The Craft of Collaborative Planning
People working together to shape creative and sustainable places, Jeff Bishop, Routledge, 2015, 978-1-13-884041-6
Honest, straightforward, neatly illustrated, practical guidance based on the wisdom and experience of a practitioner who has been doing it for several decades. 
Creating a Design Assistance Team for Your Community
American Institute of Architects (AIA), 1996
Guidebook on the AIA Assistance Team Programme. Particularly useful for organisations wanting to set up their own support systems.
Creating Better Cities with Children and Youth
A manual for participation, David Driskell et al, UNESCO Publishing and Earthscan Publications, 2002, 978-1853838538
Aims to help you design and implement projects that involve young people as partners in the community development process. Based on the work of UNESCOs Growing up in Cities project. 
Creative Community Planning
Transformative engagement methods for working at the edge, Wendy Sarkissian and Dianna Hurford with Christine Wenman, Earthscan, 2010, 9781844077038
Theory, principles, case studies and discussion exploring the boundaries of community planning and engagement within a sustainability framework. Part of Earthscans Tools for Community Planning series. More:
Crowd Wise
Turning differences into effective decisions, Perry Walker, New Economics Foundation, 2010
Four-page summary of a method for taking shared decisions decisions that uses a combination of consensus voting and constructive dialogue in order to overcome differences, find common ground and reach more productive outcomes. 
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Decent homes need decent spaces
An action plan to improve open spaces in social housing areas, CABE and the National Housing Federation in partnership with Neighbours Green, CABE, 2011
How social landlords can provide more opportunities for people to enjoy the space on their doorsteps, whether they want to relax experience nature, grow vegetables, play, compete in sport or just chat with neighbours
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Delivering Sustainable Low Carbon Travel
An Essential Guide for Local Authorities , Department of Transport, 2009
Good practice information about a variety of sustainable travel initiatives, including walking, cycling, car clubs, car sharing and low carbon vehicle use. Oriented to local authorities but useful for all.
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Democratic Design
Participation Case Studies in Urban and Small Town Environments, Henry Sanoff, VDM Verlag Dr Muller, 2010, 978-3639288308
Collection of case studies in urban and small town environments in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and the United States. Illustrates a variety of community participation methods that can be adapted for use in different settings.
Design Games
Playing for keeps with personal and environmental design decisions, Henry Sanoff, William Kaufmann Inc, US, 1981, 978-0913232637
A practical guide to design problem solving using graphic techniques that involve users in decisions, helping them to grasp complex environmental relationships, thus enabling them to develop solutions that are more responsive to human needs.
Development at risk?
Natural disasters and the third world, John Twigg (ed), UN International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction, 1999
Clear,concise explanation of the differences within and between communities from a natural disasters perspective.
(Tony Eades, RAE, 29 Great Peter Street, London SW1P 3LW, UK. Tel: +44 (0)20 7222 2688. e-mail: web:
Disaster Mitigation
A community-based approach, Andrew Maskrey, Oxfam, Oxford, 1989, 0-85598123-7
Seminal polemic.
The Do-ers guide to Planning for Real Exercises
Tony Gibson, Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation, 1998, 1-902556-06-2
Nicely illustrated explanation of Planning for Real.
Draft National Planning Policy Framework
DCLG, 2011, 978-1-4098-3048-1
Published for consultation 25 July 2011 
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Duke Street/Bold Street Planning Weekend
John Thompson & Partners for English Partnerships, 1997
Good example of a detailed report of a community planning weekend.
(John Thompson & Partners - reports of other planning weekends in Europe also available.)
Early Warning Guide
So you will never have to say... I wish I had said something earlier, Development Trusts Association, 2008
Just a quick flip through this guide should help you work out whether your organisation is heading for the cliffs or enjoying the walk!
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Easier to read summary – draft National Planning Policy Framework
DCLG, 2011, 978 1 4098 3111 2
Official 10 page summary August 2011
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Economics of Urban Villages
Tony Aldous (ed), Urban Villages Forum, 1995, 0-9519028-1-4
General guide on the practical realities of developing urban villages.
(The Prince's Foundation)
Effective working with rural communities
James Derounian, Packard Publishing, 1998, 1-85341-106-X
Includes a useful chapter on community appraisals.
Empowering Squatter Citizen
Local government, civil society and urban poverty reduction, Diana Mitlin and David Satterthwaite (eds), Earthscan, 2004, 1-84407-101-4
Eight case studies of bottom up initiatives designed to address the deprivations faced by the urban poor in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Encouraging participation
The role of community-based organizations, Community Matters, 2011
Report of two year investigation to understand and explain the contribution of community-based multipurpose voluntary organisations to maintaining and building good levels of formal and informal political participation in otherwise deprived areas. 
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Energy efficiency in community buildings
National Energy Action (NEA), undated
Very useful how-to guide to improving energy efficiency in community buildings. Includes clear and illustrated explanations of the technologies involved.
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Good Practice Guide to Public Engagement in Development Schemes, Planning Aid, 2011
Practical advice for all those involved in public engagement in development schemes which require planning consent. Illustrated by real examples of good practice.
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Engaging Communities
Where is the heart of your community?, Rob Lowe (ed), Eden Project for Building Community, 2012
A colourful and creative appproach to community engagement. Includes case studies.
Eden Project
Engaging the Community in Decision Making
Case studies tracking participation, voice and influence, Roz Diane Lasker, John A Guidry, McFarland, 2009, 978-0-7864-4312-3
Summarises how five community partnerships in the US, working with a team of researchers, explored how effective engagement processes are in promoting the influence of people traditionally marginalised.
Finance and business models for supporting community asset ownership and control
Community Matters, 2010
Paper which looks at the different financial and business models available to community organisations and describes how they can finance the purchase and management of community assets.
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Freedom to Build
Dweller control of the housing process, John F.C.Turner and Robert Fichter (eds), Collier-Macmillan, 1972
Classic work showing that where dwellers are in control, their homes are better and cheaper than those built through government programmes or large corporations. 
From Place to Place
Maps and parish maps, Sue Clifford and Angela King (eds), Common Ground, 1996, 1-870-364-163
The background and experience of parish mapping with contributions from several authors.
The Future of Community Buildings
Community Matters Briefing Paper, Community Matters, 2010
Outlines the benefits of communities owning and managing their own buildings, and how this might be acheived.
Download pdf
Future Search
An action guide to finding common ground in organisations and communities, Marvin R Weisboard and Sandra Janoff, Berrett-Koehler, 1995, 1-881052-12-5
Good step-by-step guide to running future search conferences.
Good Practice Guide to Community Planning and Development
Michael Parkes, London Planning Advisory Committee, 1995
Detailed guide with case studies by a seasoned practitioner.
(LPAC, Artillery House, Artillery Row, London SW1P 1RT, UK. Tel: +44 (0)20 7222 2244.)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Cities in crisis, Rod Hackney, Frederick Muller, 1990, 0-09-173939-X
Inspiring personal account of a crusade to help people shape their own environments by a pioneering community architect.
The Green Asset Guide
Help with improving the environmental performance of built assets, Harold Garner and Lorraine Hart, Development Trusts Association and the Enviroment Trust, 2007
A summary of approaches you can take to reduce the environmental impact of a community building.
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Green Day
A climate change activity kit for schools, CABE, 2010
Popular kit providing ideas and resources for holding a Green Day for making a school a more sustainable place in which to learn and play.
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Green Streets, Strong Communities
What communities can do for emissions reductions and what emissions reductions can do for communities, Reg Platt with Will Cook and Andrew Pendleton, Institute for Public Policy Research , 2011
Benchmark report evaluating 14 pioneering community energy projects in the UK. Assesses energy savings, energy generated and CO2 emissions savings from measures implemented in both community buildings and surrounding households. Identifies barriers to community energy projects and sets out policy recommendations.
Download pdf
Guide to Developing a Community Renewable Energy Project
in North America, ENVINT Consulting and the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, Commission for Environmental Cooperation, 2010, 978-2-923358-75-8
Detailed guide based on experience in North America but of use elsewhere too.  
Download pdf
The Guide to Development Trusts and Partnerships
David Wilcox, Development Trusts Association, 1998, 0 9531469 0 3

Handbook aimed particularly at those setting up trusts.

Full text at
The Guide to Effective Participation
David Wilcox, Partnership Books, 1994, 1-870298-00-4
Overview of general participation methods.
Full text at
Guide to Localism, Opportunities for architects
Part one: Neighbourhood planning, James Parkinson (ed), RIBA, 2011
Upbeat prospectus for how architects can play a key role in developing neighbourhood plans. Includes case studies. Prepared for the RIBA by Marilyn Taylor Associates and Stephen Hill.
Guidelines on Effective Community Involvement and Consultation
RTPI Good Practice Note 1, RTPI with The Consultation Institute, Royal Town Planning Institute RTPI, 2005
Provides best practice guidance on key aspect of community involvement, especially in relation to planning policy in the UK. 
Guiding urban design series
Three-part video on urban design, Tony Costello, Martin Cramton Jr, Bruce Race and Nore Winter, American Institute of Certified Planners, 1994, 312-955-9100
Total of 6 hours videos entitled: Community-decision making; Understanding design context; Design implementation.
(American Planning Association Bookstore)
The Handy Guide to Planning
Caroline Gaunt, Elin Gudnadottir and Louise Waring, Urban Forum with Planning Aid, 2006, 978-0-9551421-1-6
Guide to Englands planning system for community and voluntary organisations. Helpful tips on how to get more involved and influence decision-making at both regional and local level.
Download pdf
Helping community groups to improve public spaces
CABE, 2009
Summary of research into the main barriers facing community groups in improving public spaces.
Download pdf
Here to Stay
A public policy framework for community-based organisations, Caroline Davies (ed), Development Trusts Association, 1997, 0-9531469-0-1
Review of development trusts movement in the UK and policies necessary for developing it further.
Housing by people
Towards autonomy in building environments, John F C Turner, Marion Boyars, 1976, 0-7145-2569-3
Seminal work on housing, drawing on experience in developing countries to illustrate the universal necessity for dweller control.
Housing the Urban Poor in Asian Cities
Quick Guides for Policy Makers, various authors, UN-HABITAT and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 2008, 978-92-113-1937-8 (No 1)
Series of seven clear and simple guides for policy makers on: Urbanisation; Low-income housing; Land; Eviction; Affordable housing finance; Community-based organisations; Rental housing.
Download from:
How can the web enable neighbourhood planning?
Post Workshop Analysis Report, Slider Studio, Slider Studio, 2011
Results of three workshops held in 2011 to explore the title theme.
Download from:
How to shape where you live
A guide to neighbourhood planning, Campaign to Protect Rural England with the National Association of Local Councils, 2012
Guide to neighbourhood planning in England from a largely rural perspective. 64 pages A4. Useful hot tips. 
Download from
Hucknall 20/20 Vision Conference
Audio Visual Arts, 1997, 12 minutes
Case study of a future search conference in the UK. Useful introduction and insight into the process.
(from New Economics Foundation)
Ideas Annuals
Innovative ideas and examples of successful community work practice, Community Links, 1997 & 1998 available
Excellent illustrated series aimed at community organisations.
Imagine Chicago
David Szabo, 1998, 15 mins
Inspiring case study on a project based on future search and appreciative inquiry.
(from New Economics Foundation)
Innovations in Public Participation
Jane Morris (ed), IDeA, 1996, 0-7488-9599-X
Brief but illuminating introduction to mechanisms for increasing citizen involvement including citizens juries, study circles, citizens panels, teledemocracy, focus groups, future search and visioning
(Layden House, 76-86 Turnmill Street, London EC1M 5QU, UK. Tel: +44 (0)20 7296 6600)
Involving Citizens in Community Decision Making
A Guidebook, James L Creighton, Program for Community Problem Solving, 1997
Very clear and easy guide for local government staff in designing, developing and managing citizen participation programs, based on original version commissioned for the City of Glendale, California.
(915 15th Street, NW., Suite 601, Washington DC 20005, USA.)
Involving communities in urban and rural regeneration
A guide for practitioners, Pieda plc, Department of the Environment, 1995, 1-85112201-X
Useful overview to general approaches with handy checklists and summaries.
Its our space
A guide for community groups working to improve public space, CABE, 2007, 184633-013-0
A step by step guide for groups on how to design, construct and care for new or improved public spaces. Includes 8 inspiring case studies.
Downloadable from
Keeping it simple
A guide to keeping your neighbourhood plan simple, short and straightforward, Tony Burton, Locality, 2014
Useful and amusing guidance.
Ketso Guide
A hands-on kit for creative groupwork, Joanne Tippett, Ketso Ltd., 2010
User guide for the Ketso kit system. 
Download pdf
Ketso Training Videos
Dr. Joanne Tippett , Ketso Ltd., 2010
Produced by Number9 Productions. Series includes: Introduction to Ketso; Running a Workshop with Ketso; Ketso in Community Planning; Ketso in teaching and training: Planning a Ketso workshop; Capturing the results.
Free download from: /
Kitchen Table Sustainability
Practical Recipes for Community Engagement with Sustainability, Wendy Sarkissian with Nancy Hofer, Yollana Shore, Steph Vajda and Cathy Wilkinson , Earthscan, 2008, 9781844076147
A powerful, reflective contribution on the vital importance of community engagement for achieving local and global sustainability. More:
Large Group Interventions
Engaging the entire organisation for rapid change, Barbara Benedict Bunker and Billie T Alban, Jossey-Bass, 1997, 0-7879-0324-8
Practical guide to some of the many ways of involving everybody in improving whole systems.
The Linz Cafe
Christopher Alexander, Oxford University Press, 1981, 0-19520-263-5
Beautiful account of the design and construction of an Austrian cafe based on user participation.
Localism Act 2011
The Stationery Office, 2011
Full text of the Act which introduced neighbourhood planning in England. 
Download pdf
Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning;
A guidebook, Centre for Sustainable Energy, Centre for Sustainable Energy, 2015

Concentrates on the potential neighbourhood planning has to address climate change mitigation and adaptation considerations.

Making Cities Better
Visions and implementation, Ziona Strelitz, George Henderson and Robert Cowan (eds), Vision for Cities, De Montfort University, 1996, 0-9527500-0-7
Report on a series of 20 Vision for Cities workshops in the mid 1990s.
(Department of Architecture, De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester LE1 9BH, UK.)
Making Places
EDAW Consultants, English Partnerships, 1998
Guide to good practice in mixed development schemes.
(The Prince's Foundation.)
Making Planning Work
A guide to approaches and skills, Cliff Hague, Patrick Wakely, Julie Crespin and Chris Jasko, ITDG Publications, 2006, 1-85339-648-6, 978-1-85339-648-9
Prepared for the UN to focus attention on the urgent need to increase global understanding of sustainable urban development processes and pro-poor planning practices. Explores approaches that work and skills needed to implement them. See Special Features.
See: Making Planning Work
Making the most of Community Led Planning
A best practice guide for local authorities, Alison Eardley and Phillip Vincent, Acre and Action for Market Towns, 2011
Explores the practical ways that local authorities can make the most of community led planning in the light of the Localism Bill. Includes explanation of community led planning process and some best practice case studies.  
Download pdf
Managing Partnerships
Tools for mobilising the public sector, business and civil society as partners in development, Ros Tennyson, Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, 1998, 1-899159-84-3
Excellent how-to on partnerships crammed with useful checklists, tips and sample documents.
Measuring Community Development in Northern Ireland
Voluntary Activity Unit, Northern Ireland Department of Health and Social Services, 1996
Handbook for practitioners, including set of indicators grouped into two clusters: community empowerment, and change in the quality of community life.
(VAU, CDP, DHSS, Dundonald House, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 3SF, UK.)
National Planning Policy Framework: Myth-Buster
DCLG, 2011
A three page note produced during the 12 week consultation period. 
Download pdf
Neighbourhood Action Planning Kit
You dont have to move to live in a better neighbourhood, Office of Neighbourhoods, City of Vancouver, 2003
Good example of a guide for preparing a Neighborhood Action Plan document.
Download from:
Neighbourhood Planning (1)
A guide for ward councillors, Local Government Group, 2011
Substantial and clearly written guide to help ward councillors understand what it means for their community and for their role. Includes a simplified process diagram.
Download pdf
Neighbourhood Planning (2)
Communities, networks and governance, Nick Gallent and Steve Robinson, Policy Press, 2012, 978 1 44730 006 9
Critical analysis of community-based planning activity in England, framed within a broader view of collaborative rationality and its limits. Based on parish plan experience. 
Neighbourhood Planning in Practice
Concise guides to planning, Gavin Parker, Kat Salter and Matthew Wargent, Lund Humphries, 2019, 978-1-84822-283-0
Engaging and thoughtful reflection on the first years of neighbourhood planning in England. Useful annotated references chapter. 
Neighbourhood Planning – Rising to the Challenge
Royal Town Planning Institute, 2011
Planning Aid England short 2-page guide which includes a useful outline of the principles of community engagement.
Download pdf
Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide
Dave Chetwyn, Locality, 2012
For all those involved in, or thinking about, producing a Neighbourhood Plan, and for those who are just curious to find out more. Includes worksheets for different stages in the process.
Download pdf
On the borderline
Development trust tackling poverty in the UK, Glenn Arradon, Development Trust Association, 2007
Case studies of trusts that are owned and led by people living and working in their own community, which are using enterprise to create, circulate and anchorwealth.
Download pdf
Open Space Technology
A users guide, Harrison Owen, Berrett-Koehler, 2008, 978-1-57675-476-4
Step-by-step guide to setting up and facilitating an Open Space event, including the invitation, logistics and follow up - with special attention devoted to preparation of the facilitator. Third edition. First published 1992.
The Oregon Experiment
Christopher Alexander et al, Oxford University Press, 1975, 0-19-501824-9
Classic account of the planning process for the University of Oregon where the entire community of 15,000 were involved in the planning and design.
Over to You
a pteg good practice guide to consultation, participation and public involvement, Anon, Public Transport Executive Group (pteg), 2006
Handy guide to community planning for public transport with case studies and contacts for further information.
Download pdf
The Paris-Lexington Road
Community-based planning and context sensitive highway design, Krista L. Schneider, Island Press, 2003, 1-55963-110-4
Critical review of this project which has come to be regarded as a model for context-sensitive highway design in the USA.
Parish and community planning toolkit
for engaging parishes, towns and communities, ACRE, Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE)
Guide for communities wanting to produce their own plan.  UK orientated.
Download from:
Parish Maps
Common Ground, 1996
Why and how to make a parish map, with illustrated examples.
Parish Planning in Shropshire
Aston Media, Community Council of Shropshire and Shropshire County Council, 2006
Five inspiring and informative short films on DVD covering the benefits and process of involving local communities in producing parish plans. Aimed at people considering doing a parish plan and service providers.
(Free from Community Council of Shropshire, The Creative Quarter, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK)
Participation - From Tyranny to Transformation
Exploring new approaches to participation in development, Samuel Hickey and Giles Mohan (eds), Zed Books, 2004, 1 84277 461 1
Collection of essays by social policy scholars and practitioners showing how participation can help produce genuine transformation for marginalised communities.
Participation Works!
Twenty-one techniques of community participation for the twenty-first century, Julie Lewis, Catherine Unsworth and Perry Walker (eds), New Economics Foundation, 1998, 1-899407-17-0
Useful standard summary profiles on a varied range of general participation methods.
Participation: The New Tyranny?
Bill Cooke and Uma Kothari (eds), Zed Books, 2001, 1 85649 794 1
A sharp challenge to the assumption that participation in development is a good thing. 
Participatory Action in the Countryside
A literature review, Diane Warburton, Countryside Agency, 1998
Useful annotated listing.
Participatory Design
Theory and techniques, North Carolina State University, Henry Sanoff (ed), 1990, 0-9622107-3-0
Rich compendium of interesting theoretical and practical material, particularly from USA experience.
Participatory Learning and Action
A trainer's guide, Jules Pretty, Irene Guijt, John Thompson and Ian Scoones, International Institute for Environment and Development, 1995, 1-899825-00-2
Excellent handbook for trainers involved in using participatory methods.
Participatory Planning for Sustainable Communities
International experience in mediation, negotiation and engagement in making plans, Hague C, Higgins M, Jenkins P, Kirk K, Prior A, Smith H, Elwood S, Hague E, Papadopoulos A, Grimes W, Platt C, London: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, 2003
Radical and extensive research study based on international case studies which heralded the change from thinking about public participation to participatory planning.  
Participatory Workshops
A sourcebook of 21 sets of ideas & activities, Robert Chambers, Earthscan, 2002, 978-1-85383-863-7
A wealth of practical tips from a highly experienced practitioner and academic.
The Partnering Toolbook
An essential guide to cross-sector partnering, Ros Tennyson, The Partnering Initiative in association with International Business Leaders Forum, 2011, 978-1-899159-17-8
Concise overview of the essential elements that make for effective partnering. Well illustrated. First published 2003 and now in its fourth edition. Order or download free from  In many languages.
People and Planning
Report of a committee chaired by Arthur Skeffington MP, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Scottish Development Department, Welsh Office, HMSO, 1969
Influential government report which established principles for public participation in the planning system. Known as The Skeffington Report.
Permaculture Teachers Guide
Andrew Goldring (ed), WWF-UK in association with the Permaculture Association and Permanent Publications, 2000, 9781858501680
Explains how to run permaculture design courses.
Pillars of the Community
The transfer of local authority heritage assests, Will Holborrow and Owain Lloyd Jones (eds), English Heritage, 2011
Explains context of assest transfer (efficient management of public assets, conservation of historic environments), how local authorities can take stock of their heritage assets and create transfer strategies and how the community can develop successful projects.
Download pdf
PLA Notes
Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods Programme of the International Institute of Environment and Development., Published three times a year
Frank exchange of experience and views on participatory learning and action, by and for practitioners in the field.
Placemakers Guide to Building Community
Nabeel Hamdi, Earthscan, 2010, 9781844078035
Handbook for urban development worldwide.
Plan for Action
The Mount Wise Community Action Planning event, 1999, 25 minutes
Case study. Useful introduction and insight into the process.
(from Mount Wise Action Planning)
Plan, Design and Build
21st Century Halls for England, Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE), Alan Wilkinson, 1997, 1-871157-48-X
Excellent how-to-do-it on creating community centres including community involvement.
Planning and Localism
Choices & choosing, The Localism Network, CPRE Gloucestershire, 2012
Guide to help communities, local authority officers, councillors, developers, businesses and others to choose the best path through the localism maze. Includes Neighbourhood Development Plans and other options for community-led planning.
Download pdf
Planning for Real - the video
Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation, 1997, 17 mins
Good insight into the origins and value of Planning for Real including two case studies.
Planning for Real Community Pack
Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation, Revised 1999
Provides the materials for a group to make an adaptable 3-dimensional model of an existing or new neighbourhood.
The Planning Pack
Planning Aid
17 information sheets designed to provide knowledge of how the planning system in England works to enable individuals and groups to participate effectively. Download from
Planning Policy Statement 12
Creating strong safe and prosperous communities through Local Spatial Planning, Department for Communities and Local Government, 2008, 978 0 11 753996 9
Outlines the English planning system prior to April 2012 when the changes introduced by the Localism Act come into effect.
Download pdf
Planning Together
Local Strategic Partnerships and Spatial Planning - A Practical Guide, Communities and Local Government, Communities and Local Government, 2007, product code 06 LDR 04382
Practical suggestions on the steps planners and Local Strategic Partnerships in the UK can take to develop a more collaborative approach to shaping good places, creating sustainable mixed communities and delivering better local services.English
Download from:
Planning your Communitys Future
A guide to the Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team Program, American Institute of Architects, 2004
Updated manual for this pioneering programme which has been running since 1967.
Download from:
Potential funding for community green spaces
Department of Communities and Local Government, 2011, 978-1-4098- 3108- 2
Sets out possible funding available for community green space initiatives by community and voluntary organisations
Downlod pdf
The Power in our Hands
Neighbourhood-based world-shaking, Tony Gibson, Jon Carpenter Publishing, 1996, 1-897766-28-9
Powerful account of ordinary people doing extraordinary things all over the world.
Pre-application consultation with communities
a basic guide, DCLG, 2011, 978 1 4098 2871 6
Official note explaining the new Localism Bill requirement for developers to consult with local communities prior to submitting certain planning applications.
Download pdf
Principles of Representation
A framework for effective third sector participation in Local Strategic Partnerships, Department for Communities and Local Government, 2008, 978-1-4098-0376-8
How third sector organisations can maximise their input on Local Strategic Partnerships.
Download pdf
Projects with People
The practice of participation in rural development, Peter Oakley et al, ILO (IT Publications), 1991, 922-107-2827
Comprehensive analysis based on international experience over several decades. Especially good on rationale, benefits and practical problems and how to overcome them. Excellent summaries and tables.
Public Consultation and Community involvement in Planning
a twenty-first century guide, Penny Norton and Martin Hughes, Routledge, 2018, 978-1-138-68015-9
Excellent professional text book on the state of the art. UK orientated.
Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans
Dave Chetwyn, Locality and Urban Vision, 2012
Short guide to the emerging Neighbourhood Planning process.
Download pdf
Real Time Strategic Change
Robert Jacobs, Berrett-Kohler, 1994, 1-881052-45-1
How-to on this participatory approach to enterprise management.
Recycling Streets Workshops
Jack Sidener
Nicely illustrated leaflet providing a guide to staging a neighbourhood improvement workshop.
(Chinese University of Hong Kong, attn. Jack Sidener. Free, send self-addressed envelope.)
Reducing Risk
Participatory learning activities for disaster mitigation in southern Africa, Astrid von Kotze and Ailsa Holloway, University of Natal, South Africa and International Federation of Red Cross, Geneva, 1997, 0-85598-347-7
Reference material and ideas for participatory training/learning exercises for field workers involved in community-based disaster mitigation.
Reducing Urban Risk
Centre for Development and Emergency Practice, 1999
CD and action planning help-cards for project facilitators on how to reduce urban risk at community level, based on research and projects in India.
(Centre for Development and Emergency Practice.)
The Resilience Imperative
Co-operative transitions to a steady-state economy, Michael Lewis and Pat Conaty, New Society Publishers, 2012, 9780865717077
Important book which argues for a major SEE (Social, Ecological, Economic) Change as a prerequisite for replacing the paradigm of limitless economic growth with a more decentralized, cooperative, steady-state economy.
Revolutions in Development Inquiry
Robert Chambers, Earthscan, 2008, 978-1-84407-624-6
A review of the participatory approaches that are transforming the world of development. 
Rising from the Ashes
Development strategies in times of disaster, Mary B Anderson and Peter J Woodrow, Intermediate Technology, 1998 (reissue), 1-85339-439-4
Explains capacities and vulnerabilities analysis and how to apply it to projects.
Rules for Radicals
A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals, Saul Alinsky, Random House, 1971, 0-394-44341-1
Classic work on community and neighbourhood organising.
The Scope of Social Architecture
Richard Hatch, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1984, 0-442-26153-5
Fascinating and detailed case studies of community architecture and planning projects from twelve countries, mostly in the developed world. Range from housing projects to replanning entire cities.
The Self-Build Book
How to enjoy designing and building your own home, Jon Broome and Brian Richardson, Green Books, 1995, 1-900322-00-5
Clear explanation of a variety of self-build techniques including the timber frame method evolved by the architect Walter Segal.
Shaping our Future
The joint and third sector Task Force on climate change, the environment and sustainable development, HM Government, 2010, 978-1-905869-33-6
Focuses on the development of the wider third sectors role in climate change mitigation, which includes encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint.
Download pdf
Shared Energy Toolkit
Thinking about how your community can adapt to climate change, Eleanor Pryde, bassac, 2010
Helps community organisations raise awareness of climate change and plan for different possible future scenarios.
Download pdf
Small is Bankable
Community reinvestment in the UK, Ed Mayo et al, New Economics Foundation, 1998, 1-85935-047-X
Guide to a range of community finance initiatives which can help build financially sustainable regeneration.
Social Sustainability
Process, place, people, JTP Cities, JTP Press, 2013, 978-0-9573093-0-2
An evaluation of the community engagement approaches developed by John Thompson & Partners. Focuses on a case study of Caterham Barracks (see Case Study section) to reflect on the relationship between social sustainability and the design of new neighbourhoods.
Obtain via
Spaceshaper 9-14
beam, 2009
An introduction to Spaceshaper 9-14, a creative approach to engaging children aged 9 to 14 in improving public spaces. 10 mins.
Free to watch on
Spatial Agency
Other Ways of Doing Architecture, Nishat Awan, Tatjana Schneider and Jeremy Till, Routledge, 2011, 978-0-415-57193-7
Overview of alternative approaches to architectural practice. 
The Step-by-Step Guide to SpeakOuts and Community Workshops, Wendy Sarkissian and Wiwik Bunjamin-Mau with Andrea Cook, Kelvin Walsh and Steph Vajda, Earthscan, 2009, 978-1-84407-704-5
Detailed how-to manual for organisers and promotors of community workshops and especially SpeakOuts; a style of interactive workshop pioneered in Australia. Part of Earthscans Tools for Community Planning series. More:
Streetwise Magazine
Places for People
Magazine which often covers community planning issues. Contact Places for People for an index.
Successful Transport Decision Making
A project management and stakeholder engagement handbook, anon., Guidemaps, 2004
Many useful hints on the management of projects related to sustainable transport. Includes many examples of stakeholder involvement with descriptions of useful stakeholder engagement tools. Theoretical background is supported with different examples from cities.
Download pdf
An alternative to mass housing, John Habraken, Architectural Press, 1972, 0 85139 225 3
Classic work on the need for new adaptable housing systems. First English language edition of a book first published in Dutch in 1961
Sustainable Community
Learning from the cohousing model, Graham Meltzer, Trafford Publishing, 2005, 1-4120-4994-6
Explores the link between sustainability and community based on a ten year study of cohousing
Sustainable Urban Extensions: Planned through Design
A collaborative approach to developing sustainable town extensions through Enquiry by Design, Various authors, The Prince's Foundation, 2000, 978-1-898465-26-3
Useful account of early UK experience using Enquiry by Design
(from The Prince's Foundation)
Tackling Climate Change, Reducing Poverty
The first report of the Roundtable on Climate Change and Poverty in the UK, Mary Murphy (ed), New Economics Foundation, 2009
Why climate change and poverty are connected and must be tackled together. 
Download pdf
Taking Power
An agenda for community economic renewal, Ed Mayo, Stephen Thake and Tony Gibson, New Economics Foundation, 1998, 1-899407-14-6
Provocative paper on how to build on the work of people at community level to rebuild society neighbourhood by neighbourhood.
Tenant Participation in Housing Design
A guide for action, Royal Institute of British Architects and the Institute of Housing, RIBA Publications, 1988, 0-947877-02-9
Simple, practical advice aimed mainly at development professionals and housing managers.
The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry
Sue Annis Hammond, Kodiak Consulting, 1998, 0-9665373-1-9
Handy introduction to this technique.
To have and to hold
The DTA guide to asset development for community and social enterprises, Lorraine Hart, Development Trusts Association, 2005
Provides a broad range of information, resources and contacts that you can use to develop a land or building project that is an asset for the organisation and local community.
Download pdf
Unleashing the Potential
Bringing residents to the centre of regeneration, Marilyn Taylor, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 1995, 1-85935-014-3
Lessons from the Foundation's Action on Estates programme. Covers many aspects of community involvement and ways of developing a more central role for residents.
Urban Design in Action
The history, theory and development of the American Institute of Architects Regional/Urban Design Assistance Teams Program (R/UDAT), Peter Batchelor and David Lewis, North Carolina State University School of Design and the American Institute of Architects, 1985
Classic work on the development of community planning in the USA.
The Urban Housing Manual
Making regulatory frameworks work for the poor, Geoffrey Payne and Michael Majale, Earthscan, 2004, 1-84407-148-0
How the poor can take control of the basic rules affecting the way they live. Practical manual aimed at developing countries. Nicely illustrated with cartoons by Ripin Kalra.
Urban Projects Manual
A guide to preparing upgrading and new development projects accessible to low income groups, Forbes Davidson and Geoff Payne (eds), Liverpool University Press, 1986 revised 1999, 0-85323-484-1
Well illustrated guide based on field experience, mainly in Egypt.
Urban Villages
A concept for creating mixed-use urban development on a sustainable scale, Urban Villages Forum, 1997, 0-9519028-0-6
Housebuilders, funders, planners and developers make the case for a more people-friendly approach to mixed-use sustainable development
(The Prince's Foundation.)
User Participation in Building Design and Management
David Kernohan, John Gray, John Daish, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1996, 0-7506-2888-X
Useful how-to-do-it on participatory evaluations of buildings after they have been erected. Well-thought through process. Good drawings.
Village Appraisals Software for Windows
Questionnaire generation and analysis programme for undertaking village, parish or community appraisals.
Easy to use. IBM compatible.
(from Countryside & Community Unit, Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education, Francis Close Hall, Swindon Road, Cheltenham GL50 4AZ, UK. Tel: 01242-544083)
Village Design
Making local character count in new development, Countryside Commission UK, 1996, CCP 501 (Part 1)
Excellent guidance pack explaining how to produce village design statements. Contains handbooks plus two examples.
(CC Postal Sales, PO Box 124, Walgrave, Northampton NN6 9TL, UK. Tel: +1 (0)1604 781848.)
Village Views
Making local character count in new development, Eye to Eye for the Countryside Commission UK, 1996, CCV 05, 10 mins.
Useful introduction to local design statements based on the UK village context.
(CC Postal Sales, PO Box 124, Walgrave, Northampton NN6 9TL, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1604 781848.)
Visioning as Participatory Planning Tool
Learning from Kosovo practices, Frank Dhondt, UN Habitat, 2012, 978-92-1-132498-3
Explores how community visioning can be used to improve the quality of life, based on the experience of 10 workshops organised by UN-Habitat and partners. 
download pdf
Viterbo; Santa Maria in Gradi
Brian Hanson and Liam O'Connor (eds), Union Printing Edizioni, Viterbo, 1994, 1-898465-09-6
Fully illustrated account of an urban design task force in Italy.Also in Italian
(The Prince's Foundation.)
The Weller Way
The story of the Weller Streets housing cooperative, Alan McDonald for the Weller Streets, Faber and Faber, 1986, 0-571-13963-9
Lively blow-by-blow narrative of how 61 working-class families battled tirelessly to build Liverpool's first new-build housing co-operative.
The What, How and Why of Neighbourhood Community Development
Christine Flecknoe and Neil McLellan, Community Matters, 1994v
Explains what community development is, the values it reflects and what it can achieve in a neighbourhood, and offers simple models for evaluating those achievements. Excellent, short, easy to read.
When we build again
Let's have housing that works, Colin Ward, Pluto Press, 1985, 0-74530-022-7
Very readable summary on how paternalistic government housing policies should be transformed to enable people to house themselves.
Whose Reality Counts?
Putting the first last, Robert Chambers, Intermediate Technology Publications, 1997, 1-85339-386-X
State of the art treatise on Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA)
Your Place and Mine
Reinventing planning, Town & Country Planning Association, 1999, 0-902797-33-6
Proposals for restructuring the planning system incorporating a community planning approach.
Your Place, Your Plan
A community guide to planning, TCPA, Town & Country Planning Association, 2011
A handy short introduction to neighbourhood planning with useful sources of information.
Download from:
Youth engagement toolkit
Community Matters, 2007
2-part toolkit to help community organisations harness the potential contribution of young people in constructive and creative ways.
Download pdf
Youth Planning Charrettes
A manual for planners, teachers and youth advocates, Bruce Race and Carolyn Torma, American Planning Association, 1998
Written as a resource for planners and educators working with young people. Gives advice on how to design an informed and interactive process.