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Data and information to find out which climate and weather risks are important in your community

News stories and records on past flooding, water shortages or heat waves/hot weather events in your area.

See web page: A-Z directory of local newspapers

The UK Climate Projections - Maps and Regional Data for the region your community is located in

See web page: UK Climate Projections

Ask your local authority to see the historic flood maps and check the Flood Risk Maps on

See web page: - Flood Risk Maps

Use Climate Just to identify vulnerable areas and groups in your community

See web page: Climate Just

Guidance on what you can do to address climate and weather risks

Addressing weather and climate risks through neighbourhood planning, presentation slides, Climate UK

See presentation slides
Community resilience: resources and tools, Gov.UK website, first published 2011

See web page
The Environment Agency Flood House, Environment Agency, 2013

See video
Flood Toolkit, Northamptonshire County Council

See web page
Keeping healthy when it is really hot: Heatwave Plan for England, NHS, 2014

See pdf document
Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning; A guidebook, Centre for Sustainable Energy, 2015.

See web page to download
Practical Action to Build Community Resilience, Steve Cinderby et al, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2014

See web page
Practical guidance to combat overheating in homes, Adaptation and Resilience in the Context of Change Network (ARCCN)

See web page
Ready for Flooding: Before, during and after, National Flood Forum, 2011

See pdf document
Saving water - how to save water in your home, uSwitch website.

See web page
Six Steps to Property Level Flood Protection; Guidance for property owners, Smart Flood Protection, Manchester, 2014

See pdf document

International resources

European Climate Adaptation Platform. Aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change. An initiative of the European Commission. Helps users to access and share information on:
  • Expected climate change in Europe
  • Current and future vulnerability of regions and sectors
  • National and transnational adaptation strategies
  • Adaptation case studies and potential adaptation options
  • Tools that support adaptation planning
See web page

Thanks: This resilient communities section was produced in partnership by the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready Support Service.

Last updated on: 29 January 2016