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A home owners guide to being Flood Aware

A family in North Yorkshire show what they have done to be ‘Flood Aware’. Adapting their home but also being flood wardens to support the community.

See video: A home owners guide to being #FloodAware

Calderdale Community Flood Group

Members of the community talking about their flooding experiences, why they became flood wardens and how they raise awareness in the community on how you can be prepared for flooding.

See video: Floods Destroy

Community Resilience: The North Somerset Story

Find out how members of the community work together – and in partnership with the Environment Agency and Local Authority – to improve community resilience and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

See video: Floods Destroy

The Lower Dove partnership flood scheme

Partnership project (community, councils, local business, EA) to deliver flood risk scheme to protect homes and businesses. Includes contributions from the community and businesses (Nestle).

See video: The Lower Dove flood scheme story

Preparing For A Flood - the Lostwithiel Story

Explains how people should prepare a community flood plan and protect their homes from the risk of flooding. Developed a community flood plan - community flood wardens have various roles to ensure the community is safe and aware of the risks. The plan is designed and led by the community to meet its specific needs. Provides examples of how communities are able to bounce back quickly after a flood if they are prepared.

See video: The Lostwithiel Story

Preparing for flooding: Appleby's story

The River Eden runs through the Cumbrian town of Appleby. This is the story of how Appleby's residents were prepared for flooding in November 2009. Protecting homes and businesses so they could get back to normal much more quickly. Community working together to respond to flood warning.

See video: Appleby's story

Preventing Flooding in Belford - a new approach

A series of simple low cost methods working with the university have been designed and employed to manage flood risk in the village of Belford in Northumberland.

See video: Preventing Flooding in Belford

Stockdalewath - working to protect their community from flooding

Describes impact of flooding on the community and the community led project to address flood risk in the village - activity to clear the river, secure investment for equipment, setting up equipped flood wardens. Sets out why the members of the community got involved and their community flood plans. How they worked with other partners to understand the risks - information from the Environment Agency (EA), involvement of a student to assess risk, working with landowners to implement measures

See video: Stockdalewath

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Last updated on: 16 July 2015