Community Planning: Toolbox

A selection of useful forms. Blank forms can be downloaded as pdfs or editable Word documents. The samples have been completed with an imaginary scenario to illustrate how they work.

Action planner
For use at workshops or meetings.
Action planner sample (pdf)
Action planner blankt(pdf)
Action plannertemplate(doc)
Community planning event evaluation form
Sample form for evaluating an event. Copy and complete at the end of an event and then again periodically. Ask a range of people who participated in the event to fill it in.
community planning event evaluation form
Event evaluation blank(pdf)
Event evaluation template (doc)
Community planning event planner
To help start shaping any kind of community planning event (or thinking through whether one would be useful at all). Can be used in a workshop session after a presentation, or as part of a training exercise.
Event planner blank(pdf)
Event planner template (doc)
Evaluation form

For evaluating most kinds of community planning activity. Can provide insights on impacts, participants' perceptions and improvements needed. Customise to suit. Circulate to a range of participants or use as a basis for an interview or workshop agenda. Repeating the exercise at intervals may be worthwhile as the impact of activity will often not become clear for many years.
Evaluation form blank (pdf)
Evaluation form template (doc)
Progress monitor
For summarising the outcome of community planning activity and planning the next steps
Progress monitor sample(pdf)
Progress monitor blank(pdf)
Progress monitor template (doc
Strategy planner
For planning an overall community planning strategy incorporating a variety of methods.
Strategy planner sample (pdf)
Strategy planner blank (pdf)
Strategy planner template (doc)
Workshop planner
To help plan a workshop. Suitable for most types of workshop.
Workshop planner sample (pdf)
Workshop planner blank (pdf)
Workshop planner template(doc)

Last updated on: 07 April 2008