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A selection of key early publications and briefing notes.

ACRE Briefing: Neighbourhood Plans and the Localism Bill, ACRE, June 2011
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Includes useful guide to the stages in the neighbourhood planning process.

Action for Market Towns Neighbourhood Planning Briefing, Action for Market Towns, 2011
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Uses the FAQ format and shows relationship of the new Neighbourhood Plans to the other components of the planning system.

Neighbourhood Planning
An Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning, DCLG, October 2011
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The official four page introduction to Neighbourhood Plans
making the most od community-led planning
Making the most of Community Led Planning, ACRE & AMT, 2011
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Explores the practical ways that local authorities can make the most of community led planning in the light of the Localism Bill.

Guide for Ward Councillors
Neighbourhood Planning: a guide for ward councillors,
Local Government Group, May 2011

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Substantial and clearly written guide to help ward councilors understand what it means for their community and for their role. Includes a simplified process diagram.

Roadmap Guide

Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide, Dave Chetwyn, Locality, 2012

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Detailed guide for all those involved in, or thinking about, producing a Neighbourhood Plan, and for those who are just curious to find out more.

Rising to the Challenge
Neighbourhood Planning: Rising to the Challenge, Royal Town Planning Institute, 2011
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Planning Aid England short 2-page guide which includes a useful outline of the principles of community engagement.

Planning and Localism
Planning and Localism: Choices & choosing, The Localism Network, CPRE Gloucestershire, 2012
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Excellent guide to help communities, local authority officers, councillors, developers, businesses and others to choose the best path through the localism maze. Includes Neighbourhood Development Plans and other options for community-led planning.

Quick Guide
Quick guide to Neighbourhood Plans, Dave Chetwyn, Locality and Urban Vision, 2012
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Short guide to the emerging Neighbourhood Planning process.

Statutory Instruments: 2012, No. 637, Town and Country Planning, England. The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012
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The regulations governing neighbourhood planning.

Your Place, Your Plan guide
Your Place, Your Plan: A community guide to planning, TCPA, Town & Country Planning Association, 2011
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A handy short introduction to neighbourhood planning with useful sources of information.

Other documents particularly relevant to neighbourhood planning include:

Commun ity-led Spaces
Community-led Spaces
A guide for local authorities and community groups, CABE and the Assest Transfer Unit, 2010

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Sets out advantages of transferring a variety of public spaces from local authorities to community groups. Range of case studies of successful community public space initiatives.

A Handy Guide to Planning
The Handy Guide to Planning
Caroline Gaunt, Elin Gudnadottir and Louise Waring, Urban Forum with Planning Aid, 2006

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Guide to Englands planning system for community and voluntary organisations. Helpful tips on how to get more involved and influence decision-making at both regional and local level.

Community Empowerment Discussion Toolkit
Community Empowerment Discussion Toolkit
Inspire East and New Economics Foundation, 2010

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Toolkit to help groups work together to decide on what issues are important in their community. Generates ideas so groups can go on to plan actvities and services. Useful for community groups, parish councils and local councillors.


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