Community planning: Policy & Law: The Aalborg Charter

Charter of European Cities & Towns Towards Sustainability

As approved by the participants at the European Conference on sustainable Cities & Towns in Aalborg, Denmark on 27 May 1994

I.13 Citizens as Key Actors and the Involvement of the Community

We, cities & towns pledge to meet the mandate given by Agenda 21, the key document approved at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, to work with all sectors of our communities - citizens, businesses, interest groups - when developing our Local Agenda 21 plans. We recognize the call in the European Union's Fifth Environmental Action Programme "Towards Sustainability" for the responsibility for the implementation of the programme to be shared among all sectors of the community. Therefore, we will base our work on co-operation between all actors involved. We shall ensure that all citizens and interested groups have access to information and are able to participate in local decision-making processes. We will seek opportunities for education and training for sustainability, not only for the general population, but for both elected representatives and officials in local government
The full Aalborg charter

Thanks: Compiled by So┼ła Keresztesová, Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, while undertaking an Erasmus placement with, Spring 2010.
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