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The development of community planning for low carbon communities within the emerging policy framework provided by the introduction of statutory Neighbourhood Plans and the Green Deal can draw on two broad types of pioneering projects: innovative government sponsored area-based delivery of energy installations and community-led projects.

Government sponsored pathfinders

Pioneering area-based projects aiming to reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions:
Community-led innovations

Pioneering initiatives developed with multiple funding sources by community-led partnerships:


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Last updated on:13 January 2012
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Green Communities - Energy Saving Trust (EST)
Green Communities was an Energy Saving Trust programme that aimed to help communities deliver effective carbon savings and sustainable energy projects and support them in moving towards a low carbon future. Funding cuts ended this programme on 31 March 2011. But the EST website still provides some really useful resources to help develop community based energy projects and details of inspirational projects which have been supported. Online tools will help you to work out your communitys carbon footprint, create an action plan and find useful information and funding.

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Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP)
Aims to improve energy efficiency standards and reduce fuel bills in 400 poor UK neighbourhoods. Funded through an Energy Company Obligation (ECO) on both energy suppliers and electricity generators. Energy efficiency measures delivered on a ‘whole house’ basis (rather than incremental installations) in combinations best suited to the individual house. Projects developed and delivered through community-based partnerships between local authorities, community groups and energy companies. Energy action is co-ordinated with other neighbourhood initiatives. So in some cases the programme delivers energy-efficiency-led neighbourhood regeneration. In other cases it supplements and strengthens existing and ongoing community-based action.

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Incredibly Edible Todmorden